Best Places in Ireland to Visit in One Week With Your Family

The mesmerizing country of Ireland is one of the most beautiful nations in Europe. This country is filled with majestic mountains, flowing rivers, wonderful gardens, pristine beaches and immaculate landscapes. Not to mention there is an abundance of rural hills covered with lush green meadows which are perfect for a family picnic. Overall, there is a lot to do for families who plan on coming to Ireland for one week. Some places to drop by to include:

● Fort Lucan

● Trabolgan

● Derrynane Beaches

● Blarney Castle

● Dingle

● Killarney National Park 

● Millbridge Farm 

Fort Lucan

Fort Lucan is an adventure park based in West Dublin in the suburb of Lucan. It is aimed at 2 to 12 year olds, so is perfect for a family with young children. The park is only open between June and September, and opening times vary a lot between those months.

In saying that Fort Lucan is a ridiculously fun spot for the family. Definitely a place to consider on a week trip around Ireland. There’s a fun water slide called the ‘Waterfall’. This is where a child sits on a special little raft/boat and speeds down a water slide. The park itself is not a waterpark, so children are able to wear their normal clothes while on the slide. In saying that they could get wet, so make sure there not wearing their best and that you have a second pair of clothes at the ready.

Another water slide that both children and adults can enjoy is the ‘Raging River’. This is wear two people on a raft (usually one child and one adult, although tall kids above a certain height can ride on it themselves) speed down a tunnel water slide.

Then there’s the ‘Adventure Playground’. This place isn’t your typical playground. Some of the swings and things to play on are quiet large and elaborate. Not to mention there is also a maze in the playground, so this area will definitely keep your active kids busy for awhile.

Being right at the edge of Dublin city, Fort Lucan is a perfect place to begin your week long family trip if you happen to fly into Dublin Airport.


If you you want to make your way out of Dublin on your week trip after Fort Lucan or you simply have flown into Cork Airport in the south of Ireland, then Trabolgan can be a great place to stay for a couple of days with your family. It is located in the southern county of Cork and is only about a 40 minute drive from Cork Airport and a three hour drive to Dublin Airport.

Trabolgan is a holiday village that offers self-catering holiday homes along with a load of amenities for the whole family. There’s a really cool pool at the village know as ‘Pool Paradise’. There is a fun water slide at the centre along with a toddler’s pool for the younger children.

Other activities include Laser Combat, Go Karting, Mini Go Karts (for young children over the age of 5), Body Zorbing, Foot Golf, Archery and enjoying the Bounce Zone (a designated place for children in the village where they can do all the bouncing they desire).

Although you will more than likely be staying in self-catering houses or apartments at the village that doesn’t mean you have to make all your own food. If you don’t consider yourself much or a chef or simply want a break from cooking on your holiday then there are numerous eateries available. You have Sally O’Hara’s Family Restaurant that simply provides excellent quality cusine. There’s also Big Als@Casey’s Diner that provides some mouth-watering fast food. If hamburgers or pizzas are your thing then go there.

Derrynane Beaches

These beaches are quite expansive, with clear water that make it truly fantastic. There are located in west County Kerry and a nice place to go to with the family if you want to go somewhere remote, but beautiful and away from it all. The beaches consist of fine sand (not a mud  composite or shale/shell mix). If you are on the Kerry Way, make a small detour to Derrynane House and beach and you’ll be awestruck by the rugged beauty of the beach.There are several beaches and coves strung together in a truly spectacular setting. It has everything –  breath-taking views, a ruin to explore at one end, not to mention a perfect setting for a family picnic with your love ones as you make your way around Ireland.

Blarney Castle 

Like Trabolgan this castle is located in County Cork. In fact as of recently the village in which the castle belongs to now falls within the expanded city limits of Cork city.

It is a very touristic spot, so if that’s what you’re into by all means, it is great fun going through the ruins of the castle. Everything is labelled so you know what the room was and the climb to the top is crazy as the stairs are narrow and steep, so if you have young children with you make sure that they are safe.

The most popular feature of the castle has to be the ‘Blarney Stone’. This stone is meant to give you the ‘gift of the gab’ where you will become a chatter box. You simple lie underneath the stone and give it a kiss.


Dingle is a small town near Derrynane Beaches in County Kerry. It’s a lovely little spot to bring you family to for a day. You can enjoy the pretty streets with some ice cream from the famous Murphy’s ice cream store. The ice cream there is delicious and is hand made in Dingle.

If you want a bit of an adventure you could always bring your family on a boat tour out to see Funghie the wild dolphin. He is synonymous with  the town and draws in a large number of tourists every year who venture out on guided tours to sea and view the gentle creature. I can’t recommend this trip enough, and wish continued success to this company for the future. 

Killarney National Park 

Killarney National Park is also in County Kerry and offers a lovely experience for visitors. Your family will appreciate the beautiful views and tranquility of the area. There is so much to do… walking, cycling and several fantastic trails. Get a free map at the tourist office that will detail the best things to do and the area at large.

Muckross House is a beautiful old mansion that is centuries old, located in the park. At the building there is a cafe. So if you need a break from venturing around the park you can always come here. Inside the house is a tour of a mansion. It will explain the history behind the beautiful building that is located in a beautiful area of the country. It is not be missed.    

Millbridge Farm  

This exotic farm is located near to the River Deele and outside the Finn Valley. This farm contains various animals like cowls, horses, pigs, sheep, fowl and hens. Yourself and your family can view the animals, so if you or your loved ones have never been to a farm than this is a great place to experience that. It is a working farm which also contains a shop where you can relax and enjoy some food.     

There is also a camping and caravan park here, so you can spend the night at this beautiful rural location and truly enjoy the solitude here.

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