Best Places in Ireland to Visit with Teens

Traveling with your family can be a wonderful experience. This includes making a venture to Ireland with some of your adolescent children. If this scenario reflects something that you may experience in the near future, then we have some fresh ideas that will keep your teenagers engaged and interested on your trip to Europe’s most beautiful island.

Below we have a list of some places in Ireland you should visit with your teenagers in mind. They include:

● Lough Key Forest and Activity Park

● Delphi Resort

 The Cool Planet Experience

● Corralea Activity Centre

● Nore Valley Park

● Clonakilty Beaches

Lough Key Forest and Activity Park

If you are looking for somewhere that will keep your teens active, the Lough Key Forest and Activity Park in Boyle, Country Roscommon, is an inspired choice. The park is set within the grounds of the old King Harman Estate and merges history and activities to keep your teens amused. The park is home to lots of entertainment facilities and offers electric bike trails and tours, jeep safari rides, zip-line forest adventures, boat tours, orienteering trails, picnic spots by the lake and more. The park is also home to Ireland’s only tree canopy trail. With cool cafes, caravan options and campsites, Lough Key Forest and Activity Park will keep both yourself and you teens per-occupied.

Delphi Resort

Galway is one of the most popular and beautiful places to visit in the entirety of Irleand. The western county is known for its sparse, yet beautiful landscape, not to mention to some of Ireland’s most vibrant cultural scenes. When you are looking for one of the best places in Ireland to visit with teens, the Delphi Resort in Galway is a top contender. The resort is situated in a breathtaking and picturesque location at Delphi Valley, within proximity to Leenane in Connemara. The Delphi Resort offers a wide range of adventure activities and outdoor pursuits that your teens can avail of. There are 20 water and land-based activities at the resort that include kayaking and surfing on Cross Beach. With a wide range of restaurants, daily movies in the movie room and mountain views, Delphi offers the perfect holiday experience for teens .

The Cool Planet Experience

Have you ever tried to get your teens to do something educational outside of school? Needless to say for most parents this doesn’t work out very well. With the aid of Cool Planet Experience’ situated at the beautiful Powerscourt Estate in Wicklow you could reverse this trend that you may be experiencing yourself. The fully immersive and interactive experience at the center aims to teach the next generation of adults about taking care of our environment and safeguarding our climate. Via a multitude of interactive games, exhibitions, and competitions, teens are inspired to become ecologically conscious. If you want a fun and educational afternoon for your teens while on holiday in Ireland, The Cool Planet Experience is a must.

Nore Valley Park

Keeping your pre-adult children interested and active is almost essential an any vacation. If you are looking for an action-packed day out with your family, we would suggest you check out the impressive Nore Valley Park, which is located in Country Kilkenny. With a vast array of farm animals, crazy golf, an indoor 3D maze, go-karts, giant chess boards, nature trails and more, the park is a hive of almost endless activity for your teens. Remember, don’t miss out on the tractor and trailer rides too. They are crazy fun for everyone.

The park also offers camping facilities between March and November and even some cool wooden cabins and mobile homes. Nore Valley Park represents a great day out for all the family.

Corralea Activity Centre

Ireland is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking to keep your kids active. The Corralea Activity Centre is located at Fermanagh and is another park that offers many outdoor pursuits. Take your teens along to enjoy a spot of paddle-boarding, windsurfing, mountain biking, and kayaking. In addition to these fun activities that you and your loved ones can engage in, there is an onsite floating water park.

With lots of caving and climbing, the park offers a wide range of high-octane adventures to keep your children busy.

Clonakilty Beaches

Ireland is home to some of the most stunning coastlines in the world, and it’s not secret that people of all ages appreciate serenity of an unspoiled naturally beautiful beach. Clonakilty is a quaint town nestled on Ireland’s stunning southern coastline. The area the town finds itself in is home to 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the nation. Take a stroll along the beaches with your kids, or even enjoy a spot of sun bathing if you are there in the heat of the summer. The five beaches near Clonakilty are located at Red Strand, The Warren, Inchydoney, Long Strand, and Owenahincha.

These beaches are located in a rural part of the country. Although they might be a little far to travel to from say Dublin or Galway city, it is very much worth doing so over the course of a warm few days in that part of the country. They really are some gems among the many that are located in the vicinity Clonakilty in County Cork.


People automatically assume that Ireland is all about quaint towns and villages, and lots of natural beauty and historical sites. That is a good evaluation, however some people may not feel like this is the best of places for teens to enjoy themselves. To be honest, the Emerald Isle isn’t home to any theme parks like Disneyland that most teens would love. Ireland is a small country, hence things are on a smaller scale. In saying that, Ireland is rich in a number of spots that cater for outdoor pursuits and adventure activities. Many such places were mentioned above and we are sure if you were to make a decision based on this article to visit one of them then your teenagers just might have the best vacation they’ve ever had.

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