Traveling from The UK to Ireland with a Dog

Ireland is a great place to go on holiday. Going to the Emerald Isle with your friends and family can be amazing experience. If you are a dog person then bringing it along can even make the experience more memorable. However, in order to bring your dog to Ireland from the United Kingdom there are some things you need to know.

An EU pet passport Is required for all dogs that are being transported from one EU country to another. Alongside this, the pass needs to have veterinary endorsements. All endorsements must be stamped, signed and dated by a vet.

What vaccinations are needed for my Dog?

Prior to 21 days entry into Ireland all dogs must have a current rabies vaccination. This vaccination must be entered into the EU pet passport. It goes without question to say that  a professional registered vet should administer the vaccinations.

Luckily for travellers from United Kingdom there is no need to have treatment for tapeworm before your dog enters Ireland. The United Kingdom is one of the few select countries in Europe where this vaccination isn’t necessary to transport your canine animals to the Republic.

The rules may change after Brexit however.

Tips for travelling by ferry

As for the Irish ferry service that sails between the Great British mainland and the island of Ireland, dogs are not allowed in passenger decks. They must instead be placed inside comfortable cages or kennels provided by the ferry or yourself. Additionally, if you are travelling by car then the dog must remain in the car for the duration of the journey.

The same rules apply for Stena Line ferries.

What about guide assistance dogs on ferries?

The previous rules that apply for most dogs do not apply for guide assistance dogs for individuals with disabilities.  On Irish Ferries Search dogs are allowed to be present on the passenger decks alongside their owner.

 Guide dogs are also allowed on Superfast Suites on Stena Line ferries.

Tips for travelling by plane

Different rules apply for different airline companies when bringing your dog to Ireland from the UK.

● With Aer Lingus if you were to bring your dog to  the passenger check-in when you’re about to catch a flight. The dogs will not be allowed on board. They must be booked in with Aer Lingus cargo instead.

● Ryanair are particularly restrictive on dogs that can fly into the country from the United Kingdom. Most of the time they are not even allowed in the cargo hold. However, exceptions can be made for individuals who have a guide assistance dog. If this is the case, then make sure to get in contact with Ryanair in advance of your journey.

● With British Airlines if you need an assistance dog then they can travel for free and also in the cabin in many circumstances. This is not the case for other dogs however. They can travel on British Airlines, but they must be held in the cargo hold. Fees do apply for such animals.

Are there companies that will transport my dog to Ireland for me?

The short answer for that is yes, of course.  There are many companies out there that will bring your dog from the United Kingdom to Ireland in a fashion that is not scary or uncomfortable for your pet. provides a multitude of services related to bringing your dog over to Ireland. Not only do they take care of flights, they also take care of documentation and pet passports. They can arrange to have your pet on a flight with you, or if you are already in Ireland and you are missing your little Rover or Spot then they can put your dog on a different flight and have him or her flown over.

The company flies literally thousands of pets to and with their owners every year. The company is operated by caring and compassionate registered veterinarians. You will in no doubt be in good hands if you are to use this company.

What if my dog gets travel sickness?

There are many things you can do to prevent a dog having travel sickness. Regarding  ferry travel,  one thing you can do to prevent your dog from getting ill on the journey is to not feed the dog a large meal before boarding. This dashes the chances of the dog gaining  an upset stomach  due to motion sickness.

 Motion sickness usually affects pups more often than fully grown dogs. Dogs tend to grow out of it. Considering medication maybe an avenue to pursue to prevent your dog from getting ill on a ferry.  However, make sure to speak to a registered veterinary business before you do this.

Your dog may also become extremely anxious while traveling on a ferry. Motion sickness mightn’t strike however your dog still maybe in a very bad shape. It is then important for you to make sure that your dog is familiar to the car or carriers where they will be held for the duration of the journey. The more they get use to this space before you make your way across the Irish Sea, the less likely they will feel unfamiliar to the situation and will have reduced anxiety.

What are some dog friendly accommodation providers in Ireland?

Ireland hosts hundreds upon hundreds of accommodation providers that are completely fine with you bringing your favourite dog along. Below is a list of just a handful of such providers dotted around the country in some of the most beautiful, scenic and interesting spots on the island:

● Malmaison Hotel, Belfast

● Travelodge, Dublin Phoenix Park

● Ocean Sands Hotel, County Mayo

● The Lodge at Ashford Castle, County Galway

● Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick City

● The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens, Killarney


Now that you know how to bring your dog from the UK to Ireland you can take comfort in the fact that you will be enjoying a holiday in the Emerald Isle with your special pet. An EU pet passport is very much required if you want to bring your dog to Ireland. You still need to be aware however of the rules that different airlines and ferries have for allowing you to bring your pet over to the country. If this is too much hassle for you, you can always just let a company such as take care of it.

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